From the recording The Spear

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Lets inspire the children
Lets do this for the children
I want to feel you
And I want you to be empowered

I want to create…all around the world #BlackCeazars

Egyptian are black ceazars, Olmecian, Kemetian, Nubian, East African, Ethiopian
All came out of a black woman’s fallopian

Its Black ceazar the poet
Greatness of no Limits, lets reach that

When they say I want 10% of your tax, Black ceazar rise up
Let them know who is back in town
Shaka zulu with a golden gown and queens all shades of brown

Black ceazar
Nze mpa akazindalo, Nsazeko akalo
Kalomate jawo amaalo

Who is back in town (Black Ceazar)
Who is inspiring the brown (Black Ceazar)
Black lives do matter (Black Ceazar)
All around the world (Black Ceazar)
Lets unite all the tribes (Black Ceazar)
Y’all came from Africa (Black Ceazar)
Black ceazar back in town (Black Ceazar)
Shakazulu with a golden gown (Black Ceazar)

Black pharaoh, Black Apollo, Black Shakespeare,
Fly and Zamba, we have to educate the children bout tomorrow, wisdom time love shall make us all prosper
Equality not equal dem dollar, they subtracta their love, divide and dem conquer
We survived though, it’s a cycle No eye in the sky we no believe in false idol
Itsa fada, soldiers to the father , religious doctrine now dem suicide bomber!
Love man watch out ‘em now caught in de drama
Dey mama cry tears, and its flowing like water,
Dem murder, murder murder murder madder than a scientist that broke down the elements
Nitrogen oxygen, hydrogen diasynth, poison in sacristy dissecting their biology psychology so I take it up cosmology you follow me follow me, Im just a scholar with totarity.
Whos back in town (Black Ceazar)
Queens all shades of brown (Black Ceazar)
Guess who is back in town (Black Ceazar)
Shakazulu with a golden crown (Black Ceazar)
Who is back in town (Black Ceazar)
Who is back around (Black Ceazar)
Greatness of no limits is that (Black Ceazar)
The Nubian, the bantu, The Moor

On the count of three
I want you to raise your hand
Are you ready? Feel the vibration

One higher
Two higher
All right now all black ceazars put your hands in the air
Who is back in town
Who is back around
With a golden crown
Inspiring the brown

Black ceazar *3

Balinya ku mutti nga zakayo omuwoza
Okwaniriza ceazar asaza nga akomyewo mu saza
Nkola yakiyakuza time yakujaguza
Beat echuma nga omukyala atatawaza
Bweza bweza bweza bweza jaja
Banyumirwa nzubirira, Answer yenze formular
Byenakola atekati byemuvunula
Laba Baboon Forest Bwekolera

321 rocket ekolera
1234 rocket ekolera
tweyongedeyo mumaaso
rocket ekolera rocket ekolera rocket ekolera

I want to be the ceazar of love that re unites human kind,
Reconstructing pangea
I see the vision
Do you feel the love

Levitate with me!!!!!!

(Black Ceazar) (Black Ceazar) (Black Ceazar)
Fist in the air!
(Hail Ceazar) (Hail Ceazar) (Hail Ceazar) (Hail Ceazar) (Hail Ceazar) (Hail Ceazar) (Hail Ceazar) (Hail Ceazar)
kings and queens we are all kings and queens
Of all creeds of all colors

Black Ceazar!