NSIMBI AlbumOut Now !  (click image to buy/stream)

NSIMBI AlbumOut Now ! (click image to buy/stream)

“ Afropop dynamism. Miriam Tamar and GNL Zamba’s singing and rapping, respectively, are a perfect mix of soulful and direct””

— David Honigmann, Financial Times


I come from a great continent that is burdened with struggle, but also bursting with stories of victory. Africa flows with channels of positive energy and eclectic creativity, that streams from its cultural diversity and evolving communities. It is the narratives of these communities, of my community, that I passionately explore and share through my music.

I want the world to hear the voice of Africa. I want the world to hear the voice of Uganda. Through poetic narrative, musical soundscape, and rhythmic chant, I want to tell you stories of my ancestry, of my personal experiences, and of my ongoing journey. From my grandmother’s village, Nkokonjeru, to the Kawempe city slums, travel with me through my world, and learn the musical language of Lugaflow.

I am currently in the United States, based in Los Angeles, recording a new album called Ebiloto mu langi (Dreaming in Color), performing, writing, and holding ethnological discussions with students about traditions of oral literature (orature) and the "Art of expression in African culture." I most recently performed with my fellow African brothers and sisters, at the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of African Art in Washington D.C. 

Glad you came to my online home.
English:   Welcome
Swahili:    Karibu
Luganda: Tukusanyukide

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He who understands music understands the cosmos.”

— Baganda proverb