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Written by Owolugave Ernest Tulye Nsimbi Lupiazitta Zamba  aka GNL

This Morning July 10th a Fan (Omuzibu Friction Mahad) On my Facebook page asked why don’t I do beef records /songs like Bobi and Bebe did and this was my answer! This is a teachable moment and none of what I express below is meant to insult but rather elevate the conversation in hopes of shifting the Ugandan music Industry paradigm! 

In my opinion.  

“I think these greats look back at their careers and view the futility and wasted opportunities of those moments in shame.”  

Question: How did that improve the lives of musicians or the industry except to sow the bad seeds that are still bearing the bitter fruit we still see today! Those were the mistakes of our big brothers we shouldn’t repeat. They failed to unite and do what the Nigerians did even after seeing we had a competitive advantage to take over Africa. Sad an industry as lucrative as ours still has top musicians begging politicians, sugar mamas, and the South African "Basummer," instead of establishing true financial freedom through their art to give our industry players the dignity they deserve. (I don't mean any disrespect but you all remember Bad Black embarrassing King Bebe, Legendary Lord Mayor Chameleon being reduced to a guard dog by a mere Brian White, Big Eye begging on live TV). The negative PR alone turns away investors and brand value plummets. The Industry is struggling not because it doesn’t have assets but simply because the mindset hasn’t changed in over 20yrs!  

I’m NOT a “know it all” but I know how we can really get out of this hole of thinking small and one beef record won’t get us there!  

I still want to enjoy a beer with my beautiful wife without looking over my shoulder for a lowlife in a rival gang who might aim a bottle in our direction to her million-dollar face!  

I’m a spiritually conscious artist loyal to my peace of mind.  

This may look like a game but there is no controlling where this goes when some lines are crossed. SOMEBODY COULD DIE, THE OTHER COULD SPEND A LIFETIME IN JAIL. Don’t you miss Moses Radio ?!!! You surprise me. It is people of low intelligence that incite fights, and people can actually die. Tupac and Biggie would still be here if it weren't for the trash-talking goons around them. It takes only one artist to call the other’s partner a bitch or insult a mother and all hell breaks loose. In an instant what was a joke becomes a tragedy that even Shakespear couldn’t fathom. Why can’t we learn from history instead of repeating it? Jay-Z and Nas squashed it before anything became ugly but people from their crews were in danger of being gunned down (for real). I for one know my anger management issues, I have been growing. I know I can take insults for years but one day a simple trigger may turn me into the ugly HULK  I’m trying to grow from. In Highschool, I nearly killed a prefect with a simple swing of a cricket bat 🏏 to the head. Lucky for me he was stitched in time, though he still has an ugly scar, and I’m not in jail for manslaughter. (The fight was over a remote, he wanted to watch ⚽️ I wanted to watch Anaconda, he punched first and thought he had won but I came back).

Today! It could be a bottle to the head backstage- even the best security has loopholes. My dreams are too big for this shit! A talented artist may spend the rest of their lives in Jail. I love a battle but I don’t do beef 🥩 (there is a difference, one is in a ring trading skills, the other in streets trading real bullets or fatal blows. Even a battle has to be with someone I respect).  

My mission right now is to empower artists. So I would rather build a bright future we can all share and have something to be proud of than squabble for a crown in a penurious kingdom. They can have the crown. I had it don’t want it anymore let someone else have it. I will seek to be infinite ♾ like my name (Greatness with No Limit) The world is ours to conquer, and I would like to teach others how to collect more Royalties from their art and increase profitability not engage in scavenger, hyena-like behavior when we can all truly be Lions. I will be a baboon 🌳🐒🌳 (RAFIKI character in the Lion King). 

Here is a metaphor !!! So if our big brothers fought they were like Prophet Moses in the Bible, my generation is Aaron if you remember the exodus one only saw the promised land from afar on top of a mountain while his younger brother made it there through discipline I have a vision of the promised land and the knowledge to get there, I will not wallow in squalor !!! #EnsiYaffe #ZambalandNation #GNLZamba #BaboonForest Forever !!!  

PS: The people that enjoyed the beef music that Tupac made are still here while he died at 26!  

The people that avenged his death are still in Jail serving life, some people no longer even play that song!  

King Moses Radio is gone bro, It took one Idiot to provoke a fight!  He had kids, a mother, and a lover !!!  

You wanting this is reckless and selfish. It no doubt creates a stir of gossip for cheap blogging but at what cost. Why should I even fight when I already Won ?!!!  

I’m living the dreams of my 19yr old self I want to be here free to live the dreams of my 34year old self at 50, 70, 80, 99, etc  

Sorry to disappoint you but I won’t do what you selfishly ask of me! Somebody could die !!!  

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