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Congaratulations KADABRAH Winner of the GNL Dear Hiphop Challenge!

Congaratulations KADABRAH Winner of the GNL Dear Hiphop Challenge!

Kaweesa Ivan aka Kadabrah has emerged winner in the “GNL Dear HipHop” challenge. The young rapper was rewarded with a cash prize of USD 300 (about Ugx 1 million) on Saturday. 

The “GNL Dear HipHop Challenge”, organised by Baboon Forest Entertainment (BFE), was aimed at empowering the youth through arts especially HipHop. 

During the campaign, individuals were asked to shoot and share a video on social media to be entered into the competition for a chance to win the big cash prize. However, to qualify, participants were required to use the 5 elements of hiphop that include lyricism, breakdance, deejaying, graffitti and seeking/sharing knowledge. 

“This campaign was mostly to enable young people out there recognize their power and potential to utilize their gadgets in this digital era to create. So basically we were looking at creativity, versatility and vibrant new talent,” Sophie Amayo, a representative from BFE said while giving out the prize money on Saturday. 

“We received a number of talented participants and the winner was chosen through social media interactions. The number of likes, comments and average percentage ratings automatically gave us a winner.” Amayo added. 

The campaign followed the release of GNL Zamba’s critically acclaimed single, “Dear HipHop”, in early June. 

Meanwhile, BFE is planning to organize  a new campaign where the winner will walk away with USD 1,000 (about Ugx 3.7 million). 

“To the youth out there we do still have more in store for you. As a matter of fact, we’ll be announcing a new challenge that will see you walk away with $1000.” She concluded.